Families in Crisis

Therapy and Support for Families

America’s families are in crisis.  Fifty percent of all marriages end in divorce.  There are over thirteen million single parents trying to work, run homes, and raise kids.  If you are in a marriage/relationship, is it a good one?  Are you communicating or keeping secrets?  What is the emotional temperature in your home?  When you see your kids friends excelling and your child is not, do you feel like you did something wrong? Secrets exist throughout every level of society.  Holding onto secrets within a family is unhealthy and can become destructive.  Loss of healthy communication leads to painful miscommunication.  Secrets divide family members, inhibit intimate relationships, and prevent growth of self with loss of identity.

Secrets form triangles in families.  When two members create a secret and form an alliance, another member is excluded.  Members of a family may violate other family member’s privacy (reading a diary, email) to learn a secret, or they may begin to withdraw from other family members. Family members that are forced to keep secrets may be unable to communicate with other family members, and may have difficulty opening up to others outside their family.  As such, secrets form a divisive line between those who know “the secret” and those who don’t. To eliminate the divisive line, the family triangle must be broken.  When all family members share information, there is no secret, and therefore, triangles cannot create barriers between family members.  Telling secrets at the right time and in a supportive environment with the assistance of a professional can prevent further destruction to the family system.

Letting secrets go is imperative to making and sustaining healthy and genuine family and interpersonal relationships.  Family members can free themselves of their secrets by introducing the secret through Dr. Joe’s Secret Box®.  Family members grow to understand that even though their secret may change things, over time, it will change things for the better, and in turn help repair their family.  Change is not easy for most people, and fear of the unknown prevents people from making changes in their lives, but Dr. Joe’s Secret Box® can get all family members to reveal their secrets and change their lives for the better!   Every individual deserves the respect of being heard and understood. The Secret Box® helps individuals, couples, children, and families in crisis to work toward effective communication and healing.

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