The Secret Box

Dr. Joe's Secret Box

Dr. Joe has been instrumental in getting families to achieve breakthroughs by revealing secrets in a safe and effective manner, and has created Dr. Joe’s Secret Box®, a therapeutic tool used to help individuals and families in crisis.  People hold on to secrets out of fear of disapproval or other repercussions.  Keeping these secrets is unhealthy, and they can become powerful and destructive to individuals and families.  When we stop communicating things begin to fall apart.  The Secret Box® fosters communication.  It’s about getting families and couples to communicate. Dr. Joe’s Secret Box® creates and promotes an environment for parents, children, and teachers to learn to live healthier lives through communication and cooperation.

Dr. Joe’s Secret Box® helps individuals, families, and couples in crisis. Every individual deserves the respect of being heard and understood. Work toward effective communication and healing.  Create a private and safe place to learn to let go of secrets and discover the power of words. Find out how Dr. Joe’s Secret Box® turns relationship breakdowns into relationship breakthroughs.

For over twenty years, Dr. Joe Taravella’s colleagues, clients, and associates have benefited from his therapeutic approach to healing. It is Dr. Joe’s practice mission to help all who pass through his doors reach their full potential. Dr. Joe’s Secret Box® is used in a variety of clinical settings throughout the United States, helping families and individuals achieve amazing breakthroughs by revealing their secrets in a supportive and safe environment.  Every family and every school should have Dr. Joe’s Secret Box®, a private place where everyone feels safe and can communicate honestly and openly.

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